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hey peeps, so i more than likely have cptsd which means i'm quite sensitive to some things:

- being yelled at by peers
- stories about people being rejected

please add content warnings where appropriate.

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if you've been on progressive/leftist/queer mastodon for a while, i've probably talked to you, just under a different name.

feel free to ask about that, especially if i send you a follow request and you have no idea who the fuck i am.


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hey, i'm a short, fat, passing trans woman in her 30s, i've been on hormones for 6 months, i have an eating disorder, i have adhd and probably cptsd.

i didn't figure out who i was until last year.

first i started using they/them pronouns because 'honestly everything about being male is awful' and i didn't want to be associated with maleness.

a few months later my egg cracked for reals.

i had been spending a lot of time in self reflection, trying to figure out how to move forwards with my life, and it just clicked one day.

i used to tell myself that i wanted to be trans for all sorts of silly reasons, trying to convince myself this wasn't real.

i just want to be happy.

i'm like short for a guy and tall for a girl, at least according to the averages, however yesterday at the supermarket there were like a dozen women taller than me.

this town builds tall fat women apparently.

don't forget to be an active participant in your own transition, try new things, explore what you're comfortable with

begpost :boost_ok: [COVID-adjacent, crapitalism, food, medical, mh, parents] (-) 

I'm Very Hungry & just had to pay for my groceries to be delivered in 2 days' time bc COVID. I now owe my dad $70 in Aus-failure'n dollars. I cannot afford to pay my dad that $70, mostly bc I need that $70 for medication so I can stay alive. I have a Gumroad, which is in the links on my website on in my bio, if yr able to help me out.

I also have my linked, which will instantly give me money for dinner tonight & breakfast tomorrow.

(Honestly, 0 pressure to give me dosh, bc I know everyone's struggling rn.)

i wouldn't mind if garfields tweets about arse fucking themselves were cwd

What's a word like "heteronormative" but for outdated binary gender roles instead of heterosexuality?

i hate that crowdfunding turns getting help and support into marketing

neighbours dog is on it's bullshit again...



y a r k!

gosh is way way faster now that it's hosted in the same continent

and we're back, so long as the dns records have propagated

i will be migrating to australian servers this afternoon, expect some down time.

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